"You can have any graphics you want, as long as it's Intel HD Graphics 515," Mark R. writes.


"You know, I'm pretty sure that I've been living there for a while now," writes Derreck.


Sven P. wrote, "Usually, I blame production outages on developers who, I swear, have trouble counting to five. After seeing this, I may want to blame the compiler too."


"Whenever I hear someone complaining about their device battery life, I show them this picture," wrote Renan.


"Prepaying for gas, my credit card was declined," Rand H. writes, "I was worried some thief must've maxed it out, but then I saw how much I was paying in taxes."


Brett A. wrote, "Yo Dawg I heard you like zips, so you should zip your zips to send your zips."


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