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Besides contributing at @TheDailyWTF, I write DevDisasters for Visual Studio Magazine, and involved in various side projects including child rearing and marriage. Twitter: @mbowytz

Just Pick Something, Dummy!

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Dave L. writes, "Spotted an option on Lenovo's 'Pick Your Laptop by Spec' that seems to be aimed, possibly, at the less than experienced laptop buyer."

You Must Agree!

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"Apparently they don't want you to Strongly Agree with everything they say!" wrote David S.

Accidental Toast of the Town

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Don't you just love it when some part of your app just suddenly and magically STOPS working all of a sudden?

Our submitter David sure does (not). While working on his Android app, much to his surprise, he noticed that after one build, it wasn't displaying pop-up toast style notifications.

Let's Dazzle Them with Errors!

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"Hmmm...Somehow, I can't seem to remember the password for this particular AppleID," writes Thomas G.

Luck of the Error

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Drew W. writes, "I'm looking forward to the next month's episode, Localized/Consumer-Facing Title where the kids all learn about the pitfalls experienced when attempting to display localized strings. And it's the St. Patrick's Day episode."

If Everything's on Sale, Nothing is

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"When it comes to sending discount notifications, eBay knows that it often times just the thought that counts," Clayton D. wrote.

Just Following Out of Order Orders

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"Instructables alphabetic sorting by each country's name in its own language (i.e. Spain == Espana) is a great idea, but it kind of makes for a hard to navigate list," writes Peter L.

Identification Without Authentication

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Mark M. wrote, "While I was reading the Feb 6th DailyWTF, Feedly chimed in with this helpful comment that really put it in context."