"I think it's going to take me a while to catch up on my Radio 4 listening," writes Chris W.


Quentin G. wrote, "So, I need to answer some questions - no problem. Just reply to the no-reply email and...um..."


"Yeah! I can't wait to get my dividend of $N/A on $N/A," writes Aaron L.


Quentin G. also found this job posting that seems to be aimed at someone fluent in Latin. We at TDWTF wish Quentin the best in his job search.


"I'm not sure why TorrentFreak would need to say it so specifically - I'm pretty sure Netflix doesn't like them on any of the social media sites," wrote Manuel A.


Michael M. writes, "Hmmm...that's some tempting bait being dangled in front of my eyes."


"We've just traced the call...it's coming from inside your house!" wrote Tim B.


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