Today, scattered amidst the gems, you will find a whole bunch of zeroes. No, not the contributors!

The zeroeth submission of the day is from Bluejay A. who sagely notes "That shouldn't be too hard to find."



Super-poster Michael R. hints at a much stronger encryption than boring old rot13. "Use Base85 if you want to be safer." (seriously, I'm a frequent user of base36 for this kind of thing).



Gamer Rob H. is suffering from the tyranny of choice. "I'm getting a game I ordered months ago... but I guess I have no choice as to where to put the package. That's OK, I'll put a Select One sign on my front door to make it easier for USPS to figure it out."



Job hunter Richard V. has pinpointed proof of an overheated economy. "Looks like there's a vibrant job market!"



And finally, long-suffering Lily White has an old, old piece of hardware (or a little bit of zero in it). "Apparently my newly purchased laptop has been up ever since a decade before RMS ever thought about the GNU project."



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