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May 2024

Structure is Structure

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Back in the heady days of the DotCom Bubble, startups were thick on the ground, and Venture Capital money was a flood- lifting startups atop a tsunami only to crash them back into the ground a short time later. Taliesyn once worked for one such startup.

Taliesyn's manager, Irving, was an expert in AI. In the age of the DotCom Bubble, this meant Irving knew LISP. Knowing LISP was valuable here, because their core product was a database system built on LISP- specifically the Common LISP Object System, an object-oriented bolt-on for LISP.

A Date This Weekend?

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Alan worked on a website which had a weekly event which unlocked at 9PM, Saturday, Eastern Time. The details of the event didn't matter, but this little promotion had been running for about a year and a half, without any issues.

Until one day, someone emailed Alan: "Hey, I checked the site on Sunday, and the countdown timer displays 00:00:00."