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This week we have submissions from regulars, and one or two who I did not recognise (zedless in honour of the source of the penultimate paragraph).

Nearly all of us use credit cards regularly, I'm sure, but only The Beast In Black has found one with such an unusual rewards scheme. Remarks friend Beast "If this is Wall Street Math(tm), it's no wonder that the US has a banking crisis." It's more likely to be North Dakota math.

Not Really an Error'd Error'd

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Scraping the bottom of the barrel this week, we accepted a couple of submissions that aren't, by any means, Errors. But they're undoubtedly amusing to the likes of those who haunt these pages, and as such, bon appetit.

Diner Dave A. wondered "I wasn't sure if you would really accept this as an Error'd, because it only *looks* like an error, which is why it caught my eye, but it isn't! So, on with the snark: You'd think there'd be Null chance that someone would name a restaurant like this, right? But NO! (Or as YAML would say, Norway!) This really exists -- I haven't been there yet but at the very least its website isn't Null. Maybe two Nulls are like a double negative, making it positively exist?" It doesn't look very filling.

Twicely Done

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We received a surfeit of submissions this week. The choices below were selected almost at random, but coincidentally two of them were sent in by regular reader Michael R. to start things off.

Said Michael "Reading CodeSOD on 2023-05-15 made me brush up my knowledge of log. Little did I know that it comes with its own defects. Thank you Google." If you were a mathematician, and wanted to build a wooden table, what else would you use?

Fresh Bugs

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Friday comes but once a week, so perhaps you should read this column very very slowly to make it last.

Disoriented David declared "I legitimately was confused while reading this because I got my days of the week mixed up. Too bad they couldn't tell me."

Absolutely Execrable

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With your weekly dose of snark, and just one execrable pun, here follows Error'd:

A reader who asked to remain Very Anonymous sent us this suicide note for his reputation. "Somehow, could get the right photo (from Wikipedia, it seems) of the country singer Stonewall Jackson, but ended up with the Confederate general's bio. PS: Please don't ask or judge me as to why I was looking for the lyrics to Jesus Took The Outlaw Out Of Me." I'm sure we really don't want to know.

Boy Howdy

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A couple of mojibakes and only one really awful pun this week. This editor was in Texas for the week and just can't escape the John Wayne references.

Long-time listener, first-time caller Bruno shared his first submission after 20 years and ran into a bit of a hitch, which we're saving for a special episode. But here's his historic snark: "It's not that often that we see errors in Big Name Games on TDWTF. Well, the lastest heir to the Borderlands series of games is Tiny Tina Wonderland, and it delivers. Of course, it also delivers a way to optimize your inventory, because that's in the Borderlands genes. However, this was an [endgamebold] first: I still kept the legendary, sorry ;-)" Thanks, Bruno!


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NaaN stands for NaN Ain't A Number. But other things most certainly are, even though we don't always think of them as numbers or represent them as decimals. MCMLXVI, for example. Sometimes zero. Maybe even more so 5-i. This week we have some special numbers for you, among other things.

Lonely dog-lover Kevin M. was thrown from joy to despair in barely one second. "Embark found some new relatives for my dog... or not." It's arguably technically true that Embark found a number of new pup kin.

Bon Weekend

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Jobhunter Quentin G. is finding the current labor market to be very challenging. Says he: "The job sounds cool, but that would be quite a salary cut."