No fail merges today, no fexts or flubstitutes. Just flubs, subbed by a pantheon of old hands. I think everyone represented has been active here for at least five years, save perhaps our first, anonymous submission!

An anonymous Aussie shared a snippet of source from the ozpo website. Notice that even their "suggested example" doesn't fit. "Australia Post's most public of many rule mismatches in their n-number of systems chained together. The description text field on the printed label? Sure, there's space for over 900 characters."



Regular writer Adam R. has a novel error for us today. "According to my Google Fi bill for September, the day that proceeded September 2 was December 31, and I used 354 MB of data that day."



Bill T. has been sending us examples for five years or more. This time, it's a simple oversight that makes you wonder if the programmer actually uses their own product. "Microsoft Azure Key Vault is a great place to manage secret values. It keeps track of previous versions of the secrets (like updating a password value), but the history listing sort order leaves a bit to be desired IMO. I mean, I would have expected sorting by date, but I guess sorting by GUID values is useful to someone?"



Freund Peter G. shared us a paper mojibake! Nicely done. I'm waiting for an illuminated manuscript mojibake and then I can die happy. Peter describes this as "What happens when you print UTF-8 0xC3 0x9F on an 8859-1 printer."



And finally, the indefatigable Michael R. humblebrags how well his cryptos are performing. At this rate, he's soon going to be able to buy the whole website. "We live in dire times when a gain of +0% is already good."

IT'S A JOKE, son.  It's all jokes.


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