Brett N. starts us off today with a timely notification that he received late on the 24th

and race conditions


Cat F. reminds us that caching is one of the two hardest problems in computer science. "Turns out I was signed in and the credential error was because it needed refreshing..."

the other is naming things


Lumberjack Tim B. poses an existential puzzler: "If an error is undetectable, is it really an error? How does the error page know to report it?"

Of that which we cannot speak we must remain silent

While waiting on the waveform, Duncan muses on the superposition of simultaneous success and failure. "I'm glad someone is happy about denying me access to my gifts," he observes.

Schrodinger was here


Finally, intrepid war reporter Ben checks in from the front lines of the battle between our future AI overlords: "In five minutes that yellow banner will say, Our Announcements section doesn't know what it's talking about!"

and off-by-one errors


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