Joseph H. is a little salty about vapid adverts. "Vacation planners long ago figured out that the Great Salt Lake didn't make for great resorts. They must be referring to the up-and-coming land cruises across the desert plains of Utah. Definitely that. No other possible explanation."



Cole T. sings "Searching for the U.2 connector's SFF name finds a funny Wikipedia article." I think I would call this an example of ambient context.



Denilson "Google Photos is like the little kid who keeps asking ''are we there yet?'' during a car trip. In less than one day, it sent many notifications about freeing up space." Maybe more like the the kid who keeps saying "Daddy I gotta pee" over and over until he doesn't.



Disgruntled Azerty11235 rants "From Fandom, whose main business is hosting wikis and information, we now have something that is so wrong it becomes true."



Finally, an anonymous European sends us an image that needs a little translation. Bitte überprüfen Sie das Formular und korrigieren Sie folgende Fehler: translates to English as Please check the form and correct the following errors:, while the phrase Die Antwort auf die Sicherheitsfrage muss mindestens 8 Zeichen lang sein translates to English as The answer to the security question must be at least 8 characters long
Says the Writer: "Veracode asked for a answer to pesky (un-) security question when activating my account. Out of laziness I took the first one. What food did you dislike the most as a child? Well, my disliked food was also apparently too little."
Meshuggeneh! And now the exercise for you, dear Reader, is to try and guess what's been pixelated. It couldn't be Bier, but was it... Borscht?



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