From our readers this week, we have a couple of mixed numbers. David B even gets a twofer.

Trainspotter Daniel notes "The LIRR now has the technology to pass 9 minutes with only 5 minutes of waiting!" They're apparently doing something nonobvious about scheduled versus expected times in one context, but not in another. Maybe the readers can figure it out.



Vladimir was prompted to write "Verizon's FIOS outage page seems to be a little mixed up too."



As promised, our David B. struggles with a bit of survey statistics. "I don't understand it, and sometimes math is harder than it looks."



As hard as that may be to comprehend, David reckons we can all get along. "You just have to connect with others in their own language." And be Objective.



Heading out for le weekend, psyclefan Stewart S. enthuses "Excellent, my favourite commentating team is covering the Vuelta a España cycle race. I especially love the insights of First Name 1 LASTNAME 1, although I'm less keen on First Name 2 LASTNAME 2." It must be on account of all that experience.



Ride on!
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