Not to be outdone by Michael R., another prolific participant styles himself The Beast In Black. A handful of his experiences follow here. [psst. Mr Black. Check out this explanation of a half-closed interval)

Buyer Beast bemoans "I knew that the global situation was bad, but when Amazon starts offering disdiscounts (or discountcounts, perhaps?) you know that the world is truly up the toilet without a paddle roll."



Norse Beast had a dinner date in Oslo? "I've heard that that location is a nice place to visit or meet up, but you wouldn't want to live there."



Past Beast predicted we'd post this after the events in question out of an abundance of caution, lest we provoke a paradox and disappear in a flash of logic. He was right. "This malware scanner works to detect malware from the future too (the screenshot is from 2024-02-16)", he explained. It finds <0days! (Or. Maybe it creates them.)



Speaking of paradoxes, Gamer Beast should ask Zeno why it's taking so long. But he's blaming F. Ross Johnson. "Given this level of Lehman-Brothers-level money math, no wonder we still haven't got Half Life 3."



And now that we have reached the end of this week's treats, a timely comment on progress. "It looks like the Microsoft devs have dipped their toes into hacking on Linux - here the time remaining stayed at 0.0ns and the progress stayed at 100 percent while the bandwidth numbers slowly went to almost (but not quite) 0 b/s over a good few seconds. "



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