This week has been mostly centered on a holiday for the USians. In the era of online retail and the global dominance of Amazon, the notion of "Black Friday" seems to have spread further than the harvest festival itself. The practice of mass national migrations thankfully has not.

Migrating Maia exclaims "Oh wow, I can change my flight for a fee of only [AMOUNT]! What a deal!"



Adam R. , who might or might not be American, participates but does not embrace the commercialism. Says he "I was doing some shopping before Black Friday, and while registering an account on this site, they asked me to opt into some very zen marketing emails. Nevertheless, I still declined."



Logical Evgeny deduced "I guess they quit maintaining the whole product altogether."



Oldie-but-goodie Tycho recognized another oldie. "This joke was ahead of its time when it first ran (in the late '90s), but not THAT far ahead..."



And as usual, regular Michael R. chimes in "It is not understandable to me." Is it understandable to anyone?



For those who celebrated, I will close with the possibly apocryphal factoid that the average American gains 2 pounds between this holiday and New Year's Day. I got that covered today alone. Good luck to you all.

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