We've got some of the rarer classic Error'd types today: events from the dawn of time, weird definitions of space, and this absolutely astonishing choice of cancel/confirm button text.

Perplexed Stewart found this and it's got me completely befuddled as well! "Puzzled over this classic type of Error'd for ages. I really have no clue whether I should press Yes or No."



I have a feeling we've seen errors like this before, but it bears repeating. Samuel H. bemoans the awful irony. "While updating Adobe Reader: Adobe Crash Processor quit unexpectedly [a.k.a. crashed]."



Cosmopolitan Jan B. might be looking for a courier to carry something abroad. "I found an eBay listing that seemed too good to be true, but had no bids at all! The item even ships worldwide, except they have a very narrow definition of what worldwide means."



Super-Patriot Chris A. proves Tennessee will take second place to nobody when it comes to distrusting dirty furriners. Especially the ones in Kentucky. "The best country to block is one's own. That way, you KNOW no foreigners can read your public documents!"



Finally, old-timer Bruce R. has a system that appears to have been directly inspired by Aristotle. "I know Windows has some old code in it, but this is ridiculous."



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