In English we have common greetings and farewells that mark salubrious moments in time, such as "Good Morning", "Good Evening", "Good Afternoon", even "Happy New Year" or "Happy Birthday". The same is true for every tongue with which I am even slightly familiar, to the point I will wager that it is common to every human language on the planet. And yet, despite the invention of "le weekend" at least a century ago (variously attributed to labour unionists, Henry Ford, or a nomadic monotheist), even the French have not yet penned a pithy phrase to herald the end of our conventional working week.
Except today.
Today, this one day of the year, we English-speakers have the expression readily at hand: Good Friday.
(If I am wrong about this, and one of your favorite languages actually includes a hackneyed weekend marker, please correct me in the comments.)

Slipping in under the publication deadline wire by the skin of his teeth, our reliable contributor The Beast In Black is back. This time with "A harsh reminder that beer isn't free." I don't recall seeing a 402 in the wild, at least not in the last decade. The error is plausible enough, but the irony itself is error'd-worthy.



Phil B., still using Thunderbird, uncovers a small miscounter. "Does this mean my inbox just increased in size by 300%?" Your guess is as good as mine.



Big fan of the sendmail plus-hack, small investor Aankhen writes ruefully "Giving $FUND$ my $FUNDS$ seemed like a good idea at the time..."



Theatre afficionado and mathematics master Hugh Scenic unmasks a manipulated poll. "Hard to argue with almost 2.5 out of the three votes. Put the belts on Cody." Don't tell me the polls aren't real either!!!



Finally, one anonymous reader shared one interesting case of a mistaken text substitution. One wonders what the common cause might have been between the two. Says friend Anonymous "This is UNUSED_e of the strangest newspaper digests I've ever had to read!"



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