When the New Year just isn't exciting anymore, and you need an extra dose of that New Year smell, you can get it right here at Errorerr'd. Again. Dates are (not this) hard.

We are very satisfied with this submission from Ben S. who pithily noted "This was the 2023 survey."



Juha R. wondered "is this a CSS bug or a date bug?" Why not both, Juha? "It's a small bug, but you would think that QA at the world's largest cloud provider would have noticed it."



Adam R. is a little puzzled from time to time but never as much as the Times. "The NYT crossword is a confused about whether I just solved a Thursday puzzle or a Friday puzzle. (It was a Thursday puzzle.)"



Ambiguous American Andrew quizzically considers: "Apple's new weather API seems confused: is it a 100% chance of no rain or a 0% chance of some rain?"



And The Beast In Black is back with flak: "Well, I guess I'll go with Option 1 then. But what do I enter for the question at the end? Yes? No? FILE_NOT_FOUND?"



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