Faithful Michael R. is good for a chuckle today. "I am using the free tier Infura right now but think I will go enterprisey straight away." Can't turn down a deal like that, eh?



Chris M. sent in a captcha that is neither an error nor a wtf, but it's kind of funny so here you go: "Microsoft obviously doesn't use Google's CAPTCHA service, but whatever system they've got is hinting at a competitor to Xbox and a certain fruity laptop manufacturer's new in-house silicon."



Cyclist jeffphi crashed his watch. Better that than the bike! "Looks like the Strava app on my Pixel watch has run into a conundrum. Guess I'll never have the data to prove the sheer athleticism I demonstrated on that lunchtime bike ride."



A previous poster returned this week with this: "I recently submitted an anonymous post to Error'd with a strangely formatted Customer Satisfaction Survey from Postman. I've since received the attached follow-up." I suspect this is a hinky bit of code that's supposed to be adaptive for mobile sites, and so it's choosing to stack the options instead of crowding them more closely together or reducing their size. In any case, it's surprising this cleared basic testing.



Michael T. "Synchrony Bank has introduced the new YY-MM-DDDD date format, but didn't synchronize with themselves." This is cute, and undoubtedly just one more of the myriad failures that javascript programming is capable of.



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