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Aug 2023

The Chemistry Is Gone

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Sometimes the spark just isn't there.

For instance, Eric R. is just not that into Chemical Engineering. "Looks like I'll still be missing your articles, then, huh?"

Short Films

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Frequent flier Carlos quickly quipped "I’m waiting for my plane to take off from Washington-Dulles to Chicago-Midway. Just enough time to watch Innerspace."

All Wet

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Today JP wrote in to proudly unsmirch the Finnish reputation. "Some time ago, you blamed the Finns for strange patterns on Valts's weather map. I am delighted to report that the *real* culprit is revealed when carefully examining the Finnish Meteorological Institute's weather map of the whole of Europe." I stand corrected, JP.

Oldies are Goodies

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Sharp-eyed Jeremy P. goes a little meta, and we like little em meta. "Seen on a well known web site that publishes technology snafus.
I just think that if you are going to redact a company's name from a screen shot, you should probably also react the URL of the page from which the screen shot was made. Whether you publish this or not, I'd be grateful if you would tell me how many other people have also submitted this one." Only you, Jeremy. I'm not sure what that says about the readership of that website you're talking about. It must not be very popular.