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Apr 2022

Time is Time in Time and Your Time

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Shocked sharer Rob J. blurts "I feel like that voltage is a tad high."

Horned Megafauna

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While we don't know the precise taxonomy of the fabled dilemma, this week's submissions include a few wild examples.

Jon has captured a classic sample of the anticancelling cancel, reporting "While bulk-deleting files from an S3 bucket, Amazon dangled a carrot in front of me only to cruelly whip it away at the last moment."

Trauma Bonding

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During this, America's national season of shared trauma, our regular contributor Mr. Bargle shares a bit of levity which may lighten your mood ever so slightly.

Argle Bargle explains

"My girlfriend is Thai. She speaks English, but not on an advanced level, so when we chat, I typically translate to Thai. I learned long ago to reverse the translation to make sure the translation says what I meant. My girlfriend took a leave of absence from her research position to be an entrepreneur. April 13-15 is the holiday of Songkran: Thailand's New Year celebration. She said she would too busy to chat with me until the 15th. I mentioned that the 15th is America's tax day. As a precaution, I translated it and then reversed. The attached image is clearly not an error, but it's a helluva WTF. On the left is LOL... tax day in the USA in Thai. On the right is.... OMG."

Time is Fleeting

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It's astounding...

The madness took its toll on Chris N. who highlighted Monday "Your Microsoft Teams is out of date! This is after pressing Calendar."

Time's Up

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Aspirational Caleb Su thinks this birth-year chooser is a WTF. "You have to be in at least 8th grade to join, meaning at the very latest you could be born in 2009." Not so, Caleb, not so! A precocious 8th grader might have been born as late as 2013. It could happen.