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Mar 2022

Perfect Uptime

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"So," Burt said, "our bonuses at the end of the year are based on our systems uptime?"

"Well," the middle manager introducing their new incentive program said, "not exactly. It's part of your team's performance targets, so we calcula-"


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At the age of 17, our friend Argle had a job as a programmer for an aerospace firm, mostly working with commercial flight-deck equipment. Like with anyone new to a given industry, he found himself puzzling over the plethora of acronyms that got thrown around in conversation without a thought. Lacking an Internet to go look these things up in, Argle was forced to ask people to stop, go back, and explain. But what 17 year-old feels comfortable interrupting much older adults like that? Most of the time, the acronyms were scribbled down on a yellow legal pad, to be figured out later.