2020 was a rough year for everyone. Eventually, it will end, but as we drag through to the end of 2020.2, it's sometimes hard to remember the beforetimes.

Sometime in that long era before 2020, Marc's team patched a bug in their software. Like good developers, the patch included a unit test. They could prove that the test failed before the fix, passed after the fix, and happily closed the ticket and went on to different things.

In early 2020, Chris, one of the members of the team went on to a position elsewhere. A few months after that- the bug reappeared.

But how? All the tests were showing green. Marc pulled up the code and found that the test had been disabled by Chris shortly before quitting. The commit message was simply: "Fixed?".

It was easy to re-enable the test, but a bit harder to track down the regression. The even harder conversation was amending their processes to make sure a commit like that never got merged ever again.

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