Some programmers feel that the code they produce is as much artwork as it is function. I guess I can agree with that, especially after viewing Anges Martin's The City at my local art museum, which reminds us that anything can be art. And with art comes creativity. So I'll bet that's what the author of this piece of code (sent in by Simon) was going for:

Yes, that's it! It's art. This code strikes a bold transition from using the common technique of string[8] args; into a more flowing dynamic. By using a series of commas, which one must actually count, the code appears to be filled with a misty and magical life. Restrained, yet deeply, evocative, the reader isn't overpowered, but instead immersed into a much more fluid experience.

Remember, art is meant to be shared. So send in your creative code snippets or anything else that makes you shake your head and think now that's art!

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